The Trump Nightmare!!!!

There are 330 million people in the United States. To be honest I never thought Trump would win.  But he did and now we have to deal with it.  And I mean all of us, whether Republican, Democrat, Independent, Green Party, etc.  I classify myself and a moderate Progressive.  I live in one of the most Conservative States in the nation, Utah.  We are not balanced in this state with Republicans and Democrats.  It is an unfair system for everyone in the state.

This state has gerrymandered until basically no one but a republican can win.  Therefore half of us are not represented.  Everyone needs to be heard.  Thats why all the different organizations are popping up protesting and meeting and getting organized. And no, we are not being paid.

I have been to several Indivisible Meetings of which I have to say I am impressed.  These folks are from all walks of life.  They are Republican, Democrats, etc.  They are worried about healthcare, womens issues, immigration and most of all the crazy man in the White House.

Steve Bannon is the scariest one of all.  He is a white Nationalist who ran Breitbart.  He probably has more influence in the White House  than anyone else.  This administration tells more lies everyday, well I don’t know what to compare it to.  At the CPAC Meeting, Steve Bannon actually said that it is going to be the Deconstruction of the Administration.  I know the federal government is not the answer to many things, but letting the states make their own decisions on civil rights, clean air, clean water, education standards, financial protections, Department of Labor, Health and Human Services, EPA and Dept of Education to name only some, cannot be handled by some states.  They are just not competant. They may not care about minorities, or education of blacks.  There is a reason we have a federal government and this is why.  Trump put cabinet members in that would help destroy our way of government.

He and his Trumpers are a scourge and we must not let them succeed.

Immigration Reform

Americans are the primary stakeholders in immigration reform.  For years it appears to many of us that nothing has been done to make the needed changes.

Immigrants from all over the world come here with the idea that they can do anything here to be successful.  Maybe something that they can’t do in their own country.  American workers who have lost job opportunities and suffered wage loss as a result of decades of irrational immigration policies would be the biggest beneficiaries of new legislation. Immigration should be treated like any other public policies; one that maximizes the public good while minimizing the harm of workers and taxpayers.

The Raise Act was introduced to congress earlier this month by Tom Cotton (R)Arkansas and David Purdue (R)Georgia.  This act is based on on an earlier commission led by the late civil rights leader Barbara Jordan 20 years ago.  We’ll see where this goes.  Certainly is not perfect.

Giving amnesty to millions of people is not the answer.  It would cause even more problems. This is not reform.  The American people have made it clear this is not what they want.

There are companies, Google, Ebay, Nasa who bring in people who have the necessary skills they need to run their businesses.  This only accounts for 6% of immigrants.  Not so much.  In the past, once they are here, they can bring extended family members.  They can at the time they come now can bring immediate family members including parents.  If this bill were to pass it would stop bringing extended family members as easily as it is today.

Immigration is not ever going to be easy living in the climate that we do today.  In this administration you don’t know what is going to happen from day to day.  I find myself waking up just to see what has happened while I have been asleep.  Usually its not good.  We need to be involved in what is going on in this country.

While I agree that we should not be keeping immigrants that are criminals, I do not agree that ICE should be sweeping up innocent immigrants.

Let me ask you a question, if Trump were to destroy everything this country stands for and the economy crashed, how many of you would do anything to feed your families?  Would you cross the border or go to another country to work.  You cannot blame these immigrants for doing this.  It is really the United
States mistake not to have found a way to take care of this long before now.


Congressman Chaffetz Townhall

On February 9 Thursday 2017 my husband and I went to a townhall in Cottonwood Heights, UT.  I knew there would be a lot of people there judging by what was happening on social media.  When I got there there were already a lot of people there.  Loaded with signs.  I got there early, about 5:30 and it was starting at 7:00. To make a long story shorter, 1000 were allowed in.  There were about 1500 people who stayed outside with signs and chanted.  Police were plentiful. The meeting was originally at town hall but moved across the street to the high school.  It got testy as soon as Jason Chaffetz walked on the stage with nearly everybody booing him.  Before he came out his people were testing microphones.  He had one but would not let the questioners use it.  Now this was a big auditorium. With 1000 people in there we needed a microphone.  He baited the crowd with comments like “wow how do you like President Trump?  Aren’t you happy about Betsy DeVos? With 1/4 of the auditorium either current or retired teachers you can imagine their reaction.  People started asking questions but he never gave us an acceptable answer.  No one was out of control and the police told us later that this is the way a protest should be.  No one gave them trouble except one lady outside got arrested. Don’t know why. We all feel like this was rigged. I think he was shocked that no one kissed his ass.  Yes, his own loving constituents were there but there were many more of us pissed off.  We chanted, DO YOUR JOB, YOUR LAST TERM, etc.  It was scheduled for 2 hours, he made it 1 hour and 15 minutes.  Chicken!!!!!!! He is the worst excuse of someone to represent the state of Utah.

I know Utah is a red state but when did our political leaders go so far to the right that their agenda is so far off track.  Thousands oh wait millions of people are protesting for basic constitutional rights.  I was in Las Vegas with my mom and my daughter and we were glued to the TV Trump’s first week.  I guess shock is the word.  Ever since then I think I just need to right about it.

I am done sitting on my laurels and waiting for someone else to make the changes needed.  I have the contacts, the time and the stamina for this.  I hope those who read this don’t think I am crazy but at this point I am.  Oh by the way, the next day Chaffetz told the media, that we werent from Utah, had been bussed in, were violent.  The lying POS.  The newspapers published his crap before they investigated.  Pretty bad when local papers published his crap but national news mostly got it right.  The Deseret News and the Salt Lake Tribune retracted their statement online.  Chaffetz has taken heat since then, especially since he is the Chair of the Oversight Committee.  VOTE HIM OUT!!!!!

I am scared and disappointed about what is happening in America, Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.




Four years ago my brother in law was killed by a police officer .  He was unarmed.  Like many of the shootings across the United States it was unjustified.  Of course when all was said and done the county attorney said it was justified.  This is how I got into some sort of activism.  How can a police officer shoot an unarmed person and get away with it.  I started watching other shootings across the United States and was really surprised.  I had no idea how bad this was.  I found a group here in Utah who had the same thing happen to them.  We have been working for the past two years to change legislation, work with police departments for change and here in Utah, it has been successful.  Accountibility and transparency are important in law inforcement if you want a good relationship with your community.  With the ability of cell phones and tablets to take pictures this changes the dynamic of well, everything.

I started protesting a little bit.  Never done it before.  I became a citizens lobbyist.  I have learned a lot and learn more everyday.  One thing I learned was that our congressman don’t listen to us as constituents.  They think they know better for us.  I have watched the frustration of mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters when a senseless death occurs.  I still work with police departments but since Trump won the election, my sites have changes.  For the last month, watching the news and putting up with Trumps incessant lying, I decided to again, get more involved. I belong to several organizations who are doing the same as me.

This blog is my way of going forward.