I agree there should be some changes in Immigration Reform.  But what changes are needed?  I specifically during the first part of this blog.  Since Trump became President he has tried for a Muslim ban.  That failed because of the court system.  He stepped up immigration on getting hispanics and people from So America and Mexico out of the United States.  As we have all seen in the last 60 days he wants to stop immigration completely.

Immigrants are an integral part of the United States.  In fact we are all immigrants.  My grandparents were from Sweden.  I don’t know however if they had a hard time getting here.  But I have been a protester about the current policy.  Its disgusting.

The Donald wanted 120 days to make sure that nobody entered the country that would try to hurt us.  Obama’s administration kept us safe. The only ones that got through were either brought here as children or were American.  Pretty sad.  Vetting is already extreme.

Now my question is:  In the 60 days he has been President, what has he accomplished to make this country safer, to improve vetting?  Want to bet absolutely nothing?


For the last month I have not written much because so much is happening I can’t keep up.  Our new President has really insulted at least 5 countries ( Japan, Australia, Germany, Mexico) and we are only in it for just over 50 days.  The one country he refuses to say anything bad about is Russia.  Russia has been our nemesis for a long time.  Why is he so protective of them?

This morning I have been watching the hearings with James Comey, the FBI Director and Mike Rogers, the NSA Director.  The investigation into Russia and the Trump administration is ongoing.  They won’t give any information on the investigation.  Good for them.

However, they did say that President Obama did not nor did anyone else in the government wire tap Trump Tower anytime during the campaign or after Trump won.  No surprise there.  We must all realize that our President is a compulsive liar.  I think most people new that.  The one thing that really makes me ponder the future is how long do we get to put up with this shit?  The Republicans will not do the right thing because they have their own agenda.  It does not appear to be a good one either.

The United States has really helped a lot of countries in the past years with finances.  NAFTA helped Mexico get on their feet.  Now they are a vital country who now has other options of countries willing to take their exports.  Let me give you some figures that show what the U.S. imports from Mexico.

The top category is cars and car parts: $74 billion

Electrical Machinery:  $63 billion

Machinery:  $49 billion

Agriculture:  $21 billion

Mineral Fuels:  $14 billion

Optical & Medical instruments:  $12 billion

Oil:  $11.3 billion

Pre-Fab Buildings:  9.3 billion

Rubber:  2.1 Billion

Apparel:  2.4 billion

Beer: Corona, Modela, Dos Equis:  3.5 billion – How about tequila

Veggies:  5.5 billion

Fruits & Nuts:  3.9 billion

Tomatoes:  1.8 billion

Avocados: (my fav): 1.3 billion

I know we also import sugar of which a huge shipment of just had to be shipped somewhere else because our government would not return phone calls.  This is not all.

Trump has proposed a 20% tariff on everything shipped to the United States to help pay for the wall.  Mexico will not do it and if I was the leader of a country I would not either.  Enter China, they are now negociating with Mexico.  So are countries from Europe and So America.

All for the wall of which not many people are crossing because they may be seeing success in their own country.  U.S. citizens will pay for the wall with our tax money.