The Two Party System

In the United States we generally have a two party system.  Yes, we have an Independent Party, a Green Party, etc. The Republican and the Democratic Parties are the basic big guys.    I am not sure when, but somehow the way this two party system SHOULD work has gotten lost.  It no longer represents the citizens of the United States. The powers at be ( the Congress) have lost sight as to who they really represent.

With Trump as our President, the Right ( Republicans), have gone so far to the right they have become unreasonable with everything.  It doesn’t matter what.  Conservatives wish to control everything we do.  Liberals are more to letting people make their own choice.  In the Southern states, because of conservative religions, they don’t like gays, the bathroom issue with transgender people is a hot topic.  North Carolina for example has lost billions of dollars because of these issues.  The NCAA refused to play championship games there.  The Supreme Court ruled against them, but now that Donald Trump is the President they are trying to go back on the legislation.  Businesses that were planning on opening up in No Carolina did not.  No Carolina lost billions of dollars.

The relationship between the two parties is so bad right now that they do not even speak to each other in the Congress and maybe the Senate as well.  Obstructionism does nothing for the American People.  After all isn’t that what they are elected to do? Yes it is.  Our elected officials are so far off the mark, they have no idea how much damage they are doing.  I hear everyday on Facebook from people who just want to give Trump a chance.  Members of my own family disagree with me.  They are from conservative areas of Wyoming.  I live in Utah.  My state is also very conservative.  Where did I get my liberism from?  When it comes to being a woman, I want to make my own decisions.  I don’t want to have old men tell me what I can and cannot do with my body, my mind, my job.  There is a reason that the national government makes rules in our country.  The EPA was created in the 70’s because all states did not want to abide by reasonable rules.  Our air quality was so bad people in California and New York couldn’t even breathe.  Many illnesses of the lungs were popping up.  Many corporations were polluting the water and the air.  Now the Republicans  want to get rid of the EPA because they want to get rid of the regulations that made corporations abide by the rules.  Same with Health and Human Services, Dept of Education, etc.  This is absurd that we have to go backwards years because President Trumps administration is rolling back regulations.  Coal mining is the major earner in Wyoming.  It has killed the economy there.  Coal is done.  We have solar, wind farms and gas.  We should be putting money out to retrain these workers.  There are other jobs they can do and make even better money.  Here in Utah we can’t find enough people to work.  Too many jobs especially in tech and not enough workers.  Why can’t we agree on what’s best for the workers of America.

Speaking of workers, the Donald has ordered all illegal immigrants out of the country.  Did you know 46% of workers are not showing up to work because they are afraid they will be deported.  Trump promised families would not be split up, that he would only go after the criminals, that the DACA people would not be harmed.  Just one more of his lies.  Oh yes, Mexico would pay for the wall.  Why would they want a wall.  Most Americans don’t want the damn wall.  Our agricultural situation is going to be very bad.  Fruits and vegetables will rot in the fields because there is no one to pick them.  On and on and on.

This post is long enough.  You don’t want to hear me go on.  See you on my next post.

S.L. Burke





United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Senator Jeff Sessions who is now our Attorney General, has an interesting background. Many believe this is not a good choice, including myself.

Racism in this country has been allowed to resurface its ugly head with this administration.  Trump made promises to the voters that he quite frankly can’t keep.  This administration is the baby of the far right wing of the Republicans.  They don’t care what they have to do to get their agenda past.  And that agenda is not what is best for the citizens of the United States.

As a Senator, Jeff Sessions opposed every immigration bill for the last 20 years.  Whether it is reform or actually letting immigrants in.

He is a climate change skeptic, which it appears, is the view of most Republicans in national office. Especially the Tea Party or the Freedom Caucus.  Opposed the Fair Pay Act, the Hate Crime Act, 1965 Voting Act.  He has made comments in the past against NAACP and the ACLU calling them un-American.

He was born in Selma, Alabama in 1946 when issues of racism between blacks and whites.  Those feelings don’t go away with time for some people.  The South has been a long time getting out of those bad times.

When he was up for the judgeship in 1986, Coretta Scott King wrote a letter to the judiciary committee head, Strom Thurmond, stating her objection to his confirmation because of his methods of trying to keep black citizens from voting.  Something they have continued to do to this day all over the United States including major portions of the South. If you want to read that letter it is on the internet.  Senator Elizabeth Warren tried to read Coretta Scott King’s letter to Congress, she was silenced for having “impugned” her senatorial colleague.  Interesting since this letter is on the record.

The late Senator Edward Kennedy was a member of the judicial committee in 1986 opposed his nomination saying “He is, I believe, a disgrace to the Justice Department and should withdraw his nomination and resign his position.

The Southern Poverty Law Center’s Heidi Beirich, who tracks hate crime speech’s, says he is guilty of racisim.

In 2016 he twice met with Russian Ambassador Kislyak during the campaign.  He later recused himself on investigating the Russian connection to Trump and his Trumpsters.  He denies any wrong doing.

Unfortunately, on February 8, 2017 he was confirmed as Attorney General 52-47.

Transformative change is required if we are ever going to build an inclusive, multi racial, multi ethnic democracy that values all of us.

See you next time.

The White House

Well another week down with the Trump Administration.  Sometimes it’s confusing where to start, there is so much going on.  The Russian Connection is still ongoing.  FBI Director James Comey says they and the other agencies have been investigating since July 2016.  WHY IS THIS GUY (TRUMP) OUR PRESIDENT?

I read another article yesterday that Trump has told 172 lies since the inauguration. Everybody lies sometime in their lifetime but this is absurd.  He has lied about his tax returns, lied about President Obama wiretapping him and his associates in Trump Tower.  This is not the type of President we deserve.  I won’t share all 172 lies but here are just a few.  Obama care is imploding.  Republicans wish.  They had 7 years and more to come up with an insurance plan.  They didn’t.  I am on ACA (Obama care).  It has been good for us. Obama knew changes and upgrades would need to be made but the Republican Congress refused for the last 7 years to authorize it.  That is the Republicans fault.  The Conservative Right Wing, I call them the American Taliban, want to get rid of Planned Parenthood and many more women’s rights because they don’t want women to have abortions.  Only 3% of the $500 million that comes from federal funding is used on abortions.  States have the rights to determine if Planned Parenthood does abortions in their state.  Now I don’t believe in abortion, but I also don’t believe that somebody can tell me what to do with my body.

Voting suppression is also a huge concern for everyone.  One way is gerrymandering.  The Republicans have gerrymandered in most states so bad there is no way anyone other than a Republican can win in those areas.  Utah, where I live, is one of those states.  It is not a good idea to not have a 2 party system with equal representation.  That’s why everyone is protesting, including myself.  I participated in the women’s march.  It was amazing. No violence, a great day.  States such as Texas have gerrymandered badly as well.  And they try very hard not to let minorities vote.

Judge Gorsuch:  He might be a nice guy but some of his rulings are scary.  Merrick Garland would have been a great Supreme Court Justice.  He was more than qualified.  He was a great moderate Judge.  But the Republicans refused to even have a hearing for the Democrats choice.  Talk about obstructionism. Now they want to change the law calling it the nuclear option.  This means instead of the 60 votes required they can bump it down to 51.  If the democrats would have done that the Republicans would have freaked.

Just a few points.  This gets messier by the day.  To all of you in other countries who read my blog I hope you stay away from the Conservative Far Right.  It is really hurting our country. We are worried about all the cuts.  EPA, State Department, our education system are all in danger from them.  This is why I started this blog.  I am an activist.  I want change.  It is up to the citizens.