Trumps Trip

Our illustrious President Trump is at the end of his first major trip.  I don’t think it went so well.  I am so disgusted with what I saw I can’t help but write about it.

First, he went to Saudi Arabia to kiss the ass of royalty.  Most of the 9/11 murderers were from Saudi Arabia.  They treat women terribly.  Why does Trump like dictators so much?  They are known to give money to terrorists.  Something is terribly wrong here.  The Obama administration held this equipment back because they were using their attacks against civilians in Yemen.  So just to mess things up Trump gives them the planes. Oh and Ivanka got $100 million for something she is working on.  Gag!!!!!

Trump gave a speech to 50 Muslim majority countries about terrorism and peace.  Those two words usually aren’t in the same sentence. Seems ridiculous coming from the man who proposed the Muslim ban.  By the way the Muslim ban has been knocked down by the courts for the third time.

He never really leaves town.  He spends his time in New York and Mar a Lago sleeping in his own bed and his golfing on his own courses.  President’s usually travel way before he did.

Went to Israel just after leaking information to the Russians about Syria.  The info came from sources in Israel.  What a fool.

He went to the Vatican to meet the Pope.  From the pictures, the Pope doesn’t like him much.

During his campaign he said NATO was obsolete.  Come to find out the 28 countries had to explain what it was.  Russia has always been an aggressor in our world.  Apparently that has not changed because they interfered in our election.

The original membership of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) consisted of Belgium, Britain, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal and the United States. NATO formed the backbone of the West’s military bulwark against the USSR and its allies for the next 40 years, with its membership growing larger over the course of the Cold War era. Greece and Turkey were admitted in 1952, the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) in 1955 and Spain in 1982. Unhappy with its role in the organization, France opted to withdraw from military participation in NATO in 1966 and did not return until 1995.

Other European countries have joined since then but Trump knows nothing about how it works.  The agreement is that all countries contribute 2% of their countries GDP.  So they all put in different amounts.  But Trump embarrassed the United States by lecturing them saying that they owe the U.S lots of money because they are not paying their full amount.  That’s not how it works. The money goes to NATO not the U.S.

Praises Saudi Arabia and wipes out the European Nations with words.   You may have heard about Article 5.  That means that all these countries will stick together against aggression of each other.

During 9/11 all these countries came together with the U.S to fight terrorism.  Many of these countrymen died in battle just like our soldiers.  Trump didn’t mention Article 5 nor did he thank these countries for their contributions.  In fact he made comments about how much the new NATO annex must have cost.

This is not a President I can be proud of.  He is an ignorant fool.


S.L. Burke


President Trump is out of the country this weekend.  Saudi Arabia must be keeping him really busy because his tweets are pretty quiet.  He took all of his people with him, probably afraid of what they might say while he was gone.  Unfortunately his extreme anti-media rhetoric has gotten him into more trouble even while he was gone.  Apparently he would like the journalists put in jail for publishing bad things about him.  You would need new prisons to house all those journalists.  Almost everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie, but everything that is legitimately published by journalists is fake news.

The U.S. Constitution specifically says to leave the media alone.  They have the right to find out information and publish it.  Somebody in the White House is leaking information and lots of it. And boy its good stuff.

We found out this week that he asked the FBI Director James Comey to possibly take it easy on Michael Flynn because he is a good guy.  Yup a good guy who works for the Russians.  That is not a lie, he was paid by them and that is provable.  Trump, in my opinion is just a plain crook.  He says he has nothing to do with Russians, but why does he have so many people around him who are.  Paul Manafort, his campaign manager in 2016 is one.  Looks like there is probably about 18 people in the White House, just in the White House, who also have contact with the Russians.

I think politicians have been disgusting for a long time.  I live in Utah, they don’t care what the people want.  They only care what is in their best interest.  I am an activist along with millions of other people who have just plain had enough.

This last week, so many things came out about Trump and his people that I found it hard to write about.  I love watching Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O Donnell on MSNBC.  Conservatives hate this channel but I consider myself a middle of the road liberal.  There healthcare is a farce, their budget is a farce, and everything else they try is absolutely horrible.  Protesting and being an activist is the way I personally can make an impact.  I have always followed politics, it has always been interesting but I have never seen anything like this.

With the new special prosecutor looking into Russian collusion we may have some answers eventually.  This is the only way the public is going to get answers because the Republicans in Congress will never do anything because they will not be able to get their agenda accomplished.  The public is responsible for these changes.  We are being heard.  Its our fault this has happened because we have been complacent for many years.  Many have not gotten out to vote.  Many vote for straight party line, when we should be voting for who will do the best job for us.

We know for sure that the Russians messed around with our election, we just don’t know how much.  So many lies were told during the election I can’t even repeat them.  But people believed Trump.  These are the ones that are still loyal to them.

What’s happening with infrastructure?  Something the U.S. needs so much.  Our roads need repair, our dams, our power grid, and our water systems.  We spend so much money on junk.

Hopefully we will get answers soon.  Now back to journalism.  I am grateful to these people who spend so many hours digging up information.  Of course there are things that will turn out not to be true but without journalists the government could hide so many things from us.  I want to know what is going on in my world.  I hope you do too.


S.L. Burke