Obamacare Isn’t Failing; Its Being Destroyed


Congress in the United States should have been Guardians of the Law.  When the ACA was first enacted some of the States sued the government.  It made it to the Supreme Court but one thing the Republicans won,  Medicaid expansion was optional and not required for the states.

Medicaid was enacted in 1965 to help the poor.  It is successful in helping lower income people get healthcare.  The GOP hates this.

ACA rolled out with insurance companies having to cover everyone, those having pre-existing conditions, the poor, the unemployed and the elderly.  The government and the insurers thought they would lose money for the first 10 years until stabilization.  When the previously uninsured but sick got better and things evened out within 3 years.

Rubio and his cronies succeeded in gutting the risk pool.  Threw insurance companies into crisis.  Red states who are typically poorer and congress refusing to refund risk corridors the insurers have no choice but to pull out and raise prices for others.


Democrats should have been screaming about this for at least the last 2 years but most of us hear nothing.  In June 2012 the Supreme Court upheld the legality of the mandates and ruled that the feds could not withhold Medicaid from states that did not take the expansion.  Making expansion optional in the states did hobble the ACA.  The states that chose not to expand Medicaid left 2.6 million people still uninsured.  Utah is one of those states.   Low income correlates with poor health.  Those states use navigators and it was announced this week that the Department of Health and Human Services has cut the funding for navigators.  Some people use Healthcare.gov but really there are quite a few people who have a hard time getting through this procedure.  The GOP pulled all the ads even those already paid for to discourage anybody from signing up.

Cost Sharing Reduction (CSR) A discount that lowers the amount you have to pay for deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance. In the Health Insurance Marketplace, costsharingreductions are often called “extra savings.” If you qualify, you must enroll in a plan in the Silver category to get the extra savings.

The uncertainy of CSR is due to the Congress trying to destabilize the market.  The Trump Administration and Congress have continued to drag it out further destabilizing the market since Trump took office.

The GOP has refused to work on bipartisan fixes for the ACA all the while blaming the Democrats.  The individual markets are struggling thanks to the GOP.

The ACA Health Plan worked for so many people, including myself.  GOP drags stories from people who don’t understand why they are losing their coverage.  It”s not because of Obama.  The GOP is lying again.


Mitch McConnell said when Obama was elected that he would do everything possible not to participate in passing legislation.  He and the rest of the Congress have lost sight that we elected them to do the best for everyone, not just the rich.  He tried to put a bill through that would knock off 23 million people from having insurance plus Medicaid would lose $880 million so the rich and corporations could take a tax cut.  They knew that if the citizens of the United States saw what they were doing it would not pass.  So Secrecy, Sabotage and Speed to get the bill through were tried in every way.

We have heard “Obamacare is Emploding”, “In A Death Spiral”, “Collapsing Under Its Own Weight”.  Not true. It needs help but it CAN BE FIXED.

Promises of Repeal & Replace have spooked the insurers and individuals.  The GOP have even tried to discredit the CBO and are still even after the bill failed for the 3rd time, attempting to deny reality.

An article I read the other day said that a poll taken, people said they didn’t know who to trust.  I have no problem figuring that out and it isn’t the GOP.

We must continue to stand up to the tirades of Trump and the lies of the GOP.  They will not go down without a fight, but neither will we.  We must vote in 2018.  I have always voted for the person I thought would do the best job.  I still believe that.  Nothing will entice me to vote for a Republican for a long time.


Let me tell you how much I dislike (hate) this administration.  President Trump has gone off the rail.  I think he is under so much pressure because of the investigation into Russia and now his personal finances.  He could end up going to jail, or for him worse, show that he is nothing but a fraud and a crook.  His precious family is in danger too.

For the Republican base to keep following him when he is ruining our government is absurd. The Repub politicians are so desperate to get their agenda passed that they no longer care about what is best for their constituents.  I hear “Give Him Time”.  Not on your life.  I have never been so worried about my country.

The insurance industry has released information stating that unless the insurance is stabilized we will not have health insurance period.  It can be done.  They are so dead set on repealing the ACA, they don’t care if we have health insurance.  Trump wants the ACA to fail.

Yesterday the President tweeted that there would be no transgender people allowed in the military.  He forgot to tell the military leaders, though.  Now there is a big mistake.  To make it worse he tweeted it.  The dude is a moron.  We are better in this country than having a moron as a president.

I live in Utah, a very Republican state.  People are really upset here.  Some of them don’t care.

Shelly Murkowski, from Alaska, voted against the party this week and yesterday Ryan Zinke from the Department of Interior called the other Alaska  Senator and threatened to hold things that Alaska has planned.  This is totally wrong.  This is how Donald Trump conducts his own business.  Ridiculous!  I admire the other Senator because he made it public.  Woops!

The only purpose of Trump being President is to erase Obama’s legacy.  That’s also part of the legacy of this country.  His cabinet consists of people who only want to destroy what the EPA does, like ruin water quality, air quality. He doesn’t believe in climate change.   He is ruining our relations with the EU.  These nations have been this country’s friends for many, many years in war and peace.

Russia is not our friend.  They interfered in our election in 2016.  They are not done yet. Our Congress just passed a bill that that keeps Trump from stopping the sanctions.  The Russian economy is not in good shape because of the sanctions from the Obama administration.  Trump is not trusted.  He has humiliated Jeff Sessions the Attorney General, asking him to resign because he recused himself on anything that has to do with the Russia investigation.  I don’t like Sessions policies, I don’t think he should be the AG, but he did the right thing in recusing himself.  Today the GOP announced that there will be no new Attorney General.

Just today there are 4 Republican Senators who say they will not vote for the “Skinny Bill” unless there is a committee meeting guaranteeing the house will actually have that meeting.  Do you trust them?  I don’t.

The Constitution is important in this country.  I have studied it.  It is an amazing piece of literature.  You should read it.  It’s short.  Trump has no respect for it.  Therefore I have no respect for him.

Thanks for reading my blog.  Let me know what I could do better.  So much going on in politics, I’m sure I will be right back.

Oh I forgot, how about his speech at the Boy Scout Conference.  I don’t have a son but his speech was the worst for children.  Heard he did not give the speech his staff wrote for him.  No kidding!

Things this administration does not like :

Civil Rights, Women’s rights, Planned Parenthood, Gay & Lesbian Rights, Transgender Rights, etc.

See you soon.

SL Burke


Mental Illness in the United States


Did you know at least 46% of people arrested are mentally ill in some way?  It is frightening how many people are homeless.  I see it all the time in Salt Lake City.  Not having insurance has put many people on the street.  Moms, dads and children.  Some of the pictures you see have animals involved.  These pets eat before the people.  Their pets are their only lifeline.  In Salt Lake there are organizations that make sure the pets are vaccinated and get food.  They hand out food every Saturday.  Enough for the entire week.  Also if the human gets arrested for some reason there are places for the pets to go.

Mental illness has been put on the back burner far too long.  No state has enough money to take care of this.  These folks above would probably be covered under Medicaid.  So let’s cut that so the rich get tax cuts.  This is damn disgusting.

I had a meeting with the County Jail and learned there are only 100 beds available in the psychiatric hospital for jailed inmates.  While they spend $2 million per year on drugs to help the ill it is certainly not the place for mentally ill folks.  It is noisy, confining, and no place to be for sick minds.  What do we do about this?  Our Senators and Congressman don’t seem to want to help these people.

I personally have nearly been destroyed by medical bills.  It is awful.  I recovered but some people don’t.

The opioid problem is out of hand in every state. This will not be covered nor will their be help for mentally ill.  Are these people disposable?

I refuse to step back and only think about myself.  What if it was me or a member of my family or a good friend?  Or you?

Please in your own communities, join a community group and see what you can do.  It will make you feel really good.


S.L. Burke