Tonight I listened to President Trump in Phoenix.  What a fool he is.  We are and have been a global community for some time.  No longer are we a country who can exist within our own boundries.  He has pulled out of the trans pacific partnership which may or may not be a good thing.  But pulling out of the Paris Accord was a huge mistake.  The United States leaves a huge carbon footprint.  Maybe Steve Bannon had a good deal to do with this.  Maybe not.  It was a mistake pulling out of this.  We have a responsibility to protect this earth.  Trump and his stupidity just make the United States look like fools.  We are fools for electing him.  I certainly didn’t vote for this idiot.  This is a nightmare.

In September we are in for some real problems.  When the Congress and Senate reconvene, we, the United States are in real trouble.  He made a commitment to put more troops in Afghanistan last night.  More of our troops will be killed because he wants a win.  In a country where we cannot win.  We may be in Afghanistan forever.

The budget must be done in September.  He won’t hesitate to shut the government down.  Who the hell is in charge here.  I don’t want to pay for the wall.  During his campaign he promised Mexic0 would pay for the wall.  THAT’S NOT HAPPENING.  Other countries are already moving away from us.  So wrong.  Mexico is dealing more with South American and China.  The U.S. is missing out.  And it will continue until this idiot is gone.

Bannon is gone.  We don’t need a Nationalist, let alone a white nationalist giving our President advice.  General Kelly is giving his best to make him a normal President.  He is giving the Republicans an ultimatum, either build the wall or shut the government down.  This will be a catastrophe.  The debt limit is a problem.  How in the hell do we get into this predicament?  Bannon is back at Breitbart and this could be a real problem for Trump.  He knows everything.  He also had the highest security clearance.  What he may know is really spooky.  he could probably basically blow up the White House.  He knows everything.

I heard today that he is after Trump.  Boy wait to see what we find out.

Tonight during Trump’s speech, he lied about what he said during the Charlottesville riot.  Heather Heyer did not deserve to be killed.  She was just protesting white supremist stuff and got killed by a guy who rammed a car into her.  I believe 19 others were injured.  Again disgusting.  Trump said that there were good people on both sides.  There is no good people in the White Supremist community.  There is no room for people like this in the United States.  Trump throws gas on the fire and then denies it.

Please do not let this go.  There is no room for this in our country.  I don’t care if they lose their jobs or their families.  They are scum.

I love my country and will continue to fight for it and hope you will too.  Let me hear your comments.


S.L. Burke