Republican Warfare

Wow this is quite a day! Senators Bob Corker from Tennessee and Jeff Flake from Arizona have both decided not to run again so they can speak up against the President. They have brought out his dishonesty and moral corruption.  I have been waiting for some of these people to speak up and so disappointed that no one from my own state of Utah has done so.  Senator Orrin Hatch should be one of them.  He is 83 years old and should not run again.  He would be 89.  These people represent us, not Trump.  The Congress takes an oath to preserve the Constitution.  What is happening is “Dangerous to Democracy.”  I care about that.

Because of dissatisfaction in our politicians, this country voted a man in who promised change.  And change it has. I cannot say it’s for the better.  Members of Congress should think about who they are embracing in the Republicans like Roy Moore in Alabama.  He was a judge twice, and got kicked out twice.  How do people like this get to run for Congress?  They shouldn’t be able to.  We don’t need any more nuts in Washington D.C.

The Cabinet members are the biggest group of incompetents that has ever been there.  They are all Trump’s millionaire and billionaire buddies.  Just watched the HUD Secretary Ben Carson make a total ass of himself trying to answer how many housing cuts in $$$’s.  He had no idea.

This tax cut will go no better than the healthcare bill.  They are always trying to rush things through in the dark of the night.  What is the matter with including both parties and having hearings.  Oh wait because no one would pass the damn things.

I don’t blame people for not wanting to run again.  I say speak up people!

I started writing this a few days ago and as you can see nothing has changed much.  We are stuck in a circle of stupidity.  Trump leaves for Asia in the morning.  I wish he would stay there.  Going to China and South Korea.  Poor people.  Let’s see what happens.  Hopefully we won’t be in a war with North Korea by the time he gets back.



I Wish Our President Would Just Keep His Mouth Shut

Yesterday President Trump was shamed into calling the four Gold Star Families who recently lost their sons in Niger on October 4, 2017.  When he called LaDavid Johnson’s wife, she was in the car on her way to the airport to claim the body of her husband.  His or her parents were also in the car with Congresswomen Frederica Wilson from Florida.  There have been 46 service men and women killed since Trump took office.  Did he call any of them?  Probably not.  There was one father whose son was killed in June.  Trump told him he would send a check for $25,000 to start a non profit honoring his son.  Supposedly there was a check mailed Monday night.  Mrs. Johnson has 2 children and I understand she is pregnant with twins.  Now the community has rallied around her and raised more than $500,000 for her.  Trump made a comment to her that “he knew what he was getting into but I guess it still hurts.”

I maintain this man, our President, has no empathy.  He only talks and cares about himself.

He also had a meeting with the Governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rossello.  Trump gave himself a 10 on the United States response, which as we all know is a joke.  The Governor said nothing.  Probably best not to because Trump might pull aid.

Our country is in deep shit.  New lies as well as the old ones keep coming. Now General John Kelly has given and interview in front of the Whitehouse Press Corp, standing up for Trump and lying about the Congresswoman.

By the way the other 3 soldiers killed were brought back to the U.S. a few days earlier.  Their names are Brian Black, Jeremiah Johnsen and Dustin Wright.  I honor them for their service.  I am so sorry they died in service of their country.

Trump should have apologized to Mrs. Johnson and Congressman Wilson and this story would have gone away.  He can’t do that.

He should not be our President.  Please let’s get another one.



Sunday October 1st 2017, was the worst day in modern history for Las Vegas, Nevada. A demented man killed 58 people from his room at the Mandalay Bay Hotel on the 32nd floor.  There were 22,ooo people at that outdoor concert.  We worry about terrorists from another country.  It seems to be American white men that are the problem here.  He modified a semi automatic weapon to make it automatic.  He injured over 500 people and killed 58.  More may die. And the injuries to these people will last a lifetime.

I woke up Monday morning and turned the TV on and couldn’t believe it.  My daughter lives in Las Vegas and as you can imagine I started to panic.  I immediately got on the phone, started calling and texting.  No answer.  I finally reached her and she and her friends were fine.  Her answer to me was “mom I don’t like country and western music, why would you think I would be there?”

Who would do this?  Nobody knew this guy had any problems. He was a millionaire, a retired accountant, a real estate investor.  He made members of his family rich too.  What the hell happened?

Is gun control the answer.  Why do we need automatic weapons.  We don’t.  I was born in Wyoming.  Everybody has a gun nearly from birth.  I have nothing against guns.  But do we have to get used to people killing us because they go off the rails?

The NRA is the most powerful lobbyist group anywhere.  Donations to the Republican Party are huge.  You can look on Google to see which congressman and senators get the most money from the NRA.  As an example they put $30 million into Trumps election.  Gerrymandering from the Republican side has got us in a lot of trouble.

NRA will never agree to let us change the gun laws.  After all the massacres across the country 90% of voters want some kind of gun reform.  Congress does not listen to the people in the country.  Our views don’t matter.  This can be done only by voting.  Vote these fools out.  Register today.

Everybody take care and hug the ones you love.


I’m sorry have been awol for a bit.  As usual so much is going on in the U.S that I don’t know where to start.  Everything I think about writing completely changes by the next day.  I guess I will try tonight to get it published.

Things have only gotten worse in the U.S. since I posted last.  Trump is destroying everything he touches.  We have had 3 really bad hurricanes, one in Houston, Texas, one in Florida and Puerto Rico and the U.S Virgin Islands.  They are going to be so costly.  I watched a woman on TV in Houston in a really nice neighborhood complaining because her garbage from the flooding in her home hadn’t been cleaned up yet.  Then you look at Puerto Rico and people are living in the homes where there no roofs and sometimes no walls.  There is no food, no water, no power and no phone service.  It has been 16 days and some of these people have to drive 1 1/2 hours to get gas.  You are only allowed $20 worth.  Puerto Rico is part of America and so is the U.S. Virgin Islands.  What the hell is the problem?  Citizens  of the U.S are raising money to get things to them because our government is failing.  I am ashamed.  I wish I could go there and help but I would be eating their food, water and whatever else.  I will go when I can.  Trump and his cabinet are vulger.  He doesn’t want anyone in there that isn’t rich (thats actually what he said) and yet his idiot friends need to use private planes and military flights because they are so important they can’t take commercial flights because it might be inconvenient.  Really?

This is the biggest group of idiots there are.  But they are destroying our democracy.  Republicans are so worried about Trumps 35% they are allowing racists to run this country.  We the people don’t want these people in there.  The Russians definitely messed in our election.  That’s been proven.  The only way we will get him out of there is if there is some kind of collusion.

In the mean time I will keep bitching and working to make a difference in the 2018 election.  Get these idiots out.