Citizen Coalition Center was started out of the desire to have a place for people to go for help.  We work with the homeless here in Salt Lake City.  It has become a huge problem. We figure there is about 1500 people downtown that have no where to go.  Other cities may have many more, but in Salt Lake we want to get them help.  Many are mentally ill and they have truly no where to go.  There are no available beds for the mentally ill.  Our police have additional training to deal with this.  If we can blog about this and make it more understandable they we have succeeded.

Police brutality is another topic.  It is out of control.  We have been lucky that the local police departments want to make a change so that they don’t kill unarmed people.  Our local community groups have made so many inroads to this.  Additional training, better public web sites with a complaint button.  Our community is better for this.